The New Fiver

New Five Pound Note
The New Fiver went into circulation on 13 September.

New Ten Pound Note
The new polymer £10 note featuring Jane Austen will enter circulation in summer 2017.

New Twenty Pound Note
The new polymer £20 note featuring JMW Turner will enter circulation by 2020.

Test results show the polymer substrate had a higher resistance to the chemical and physical tests than BoE paper except for the ironing test. In this test, where direct heat is applied (~160°C) the treated notes shrunk in size. This is characteristic of polymer banknotes.
With an upper melting point of 175 °C all polymers degrade to some extent at their processing temperature, and effect which increases with increasing temperature.
(Extract from Bank of England freedom of disclosure documents)

Rest assured Fire safes supplied by Safesafe provide more than adequate protection for the new Polymer Banknotes.

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